September 07, 2021 2 min read


Searching for a lift that meets all your needs is like looking for the right pair of shoes. When looking for a lift, you want to consider what vehicle types you work on and will work on in the future. You should "future-proof" your investment to the extent possible and ensure long service life. That is why choosing an ALI Certified lift is the clear choice for any professional shop.  ALI Certification means your lift has been certified to meet or exceed the current specifications set forth by the American Lift Institute (ALI) Safety Requirements for the construction, testing, and validation of Automotive Lifts. ALI Certification will let you focus on growing your business instead of worrying when your equipment might break or malfunction, or worse yet, potential personnel injuries.


As previously mentioned, all ALI Certified lifts must meet the minimum requirements for strength, durability, and safety. Specifically for strength, a lift is required to have materials rated three to five times the rated capacity of the lift. For example, all ALI Certified 10k two-post lifts are manufactured with steel strong enough to handle 30k lbs – 50k lbs loads.  Manufacturers must also pass frequent facility inspections to verify that they meet quality control. Lifts must also go through rigorous testing to verify the structural integrity of the lift's safety systems and components. Such tests include the proper function of controls, load holding components, and overload protection. These tests ensure that if your lift ever happens to fail, no one will be injured. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is serious injuries or even death.


There are many reasons to buy ALI Certified lifts, but the most important is safety. A vehicle falling on an employee can likely be a fatal accident, and if that unfortunate event takes place in your shop, the last thing you will be thinking of is the money you saved buying a non-certified lift. Another reason is due to insurance requirements. Commercial shops are required to have insurance, and most insurance companies require certification to help reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries. Some states also require a lift certification for zoning purposes. Therefore, it is essential to review your local building code regulations and check with your insurance provider before considering the type of lift you are will purchase.

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