Screwdrivers & Bit Sets

As a mechanic, you’ll come across every type of fastener, which means you’ll need a screwdriver and bit set with a versatile mix of drill and drive bits. Sure, you could purchase new tools as needed, but the peace of mind of having everything from hexagon to Tx-Star bits in one hard plastic storage case will make your job easy — from transport to setup and storage. If you are tired of cheap tools and want the safest equipment for your team, VDE certified tools are tested to ensure safety, quality, and ergonomics to an international standard. For tools like flexible hose drivers — you won’t know you need it until you get one. If you’ve struggled with trying to get the right angle on your hose clamp using a nut driver, you’ll wish you had this tool a long time ago. If you’re replacing brake callipers or struggling with a rusty nut, bolt, or another fastener, you can save yourself the trouble by stepping up to a heavy-duty impact driver. Before you go and strip another screw, a few taps (or wacks) on this driver will free your screws from a rusty metal prison. Check out our screwdrivers & bit sets.