File Set - 254mm (10") - 5pc


  • Premium grade steel for long-lasting durability
  • Designed for optimum performance, control, and comfort
  • Precision cut teeth ensure a high material removal rate
  • Heat-treated hardened steel ensures that teeth stay sharp for longer
  • Ideal for sharpening, shaping, and de-burning metals and polymers
  • Ergonomically designed, non-slip grip handles prevent the hand from slipping onto the file blade
  • Includes a rugged, compact storage case
SP Tools Snap-On
Part Number SP36035  SGHBF500AG


Flat File Bastard Cut
  • Ideal for general work and rapid removal of material from metal
Millsaw File Bastard Cut

  • Ideal for tool sharpening and creating fine finishes
Half Round Second Cut
  • Ideal for removing material from both curved and flat surfaces
Square File Second Cut
  • Ideal for filing slots, key seat and general surface filing
Round File Bastard Cut
  • Ideal for filing circular openings and concave surfaces