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SP61073 | HD DIESEL 1600A Jump Starter / Jump Box

This incredibly compact, high density power bank can supply a huge amount of power in a very short time, to start both 12V petrol or diesel engines up to 10 litres in capacity – It is equally suitable to jump start motor cycles, ride-on mowers, cars and outboard engines etc. Or while its not being used as a jump starter, you can use it to power or charge your low voltage accessories and USB compatible electronics.

The storage case with EVA insert includes 14 interchangeable tips and cords to connect to most devices, as well as extra heavy duty cable clamps, and chargers. Not just a professional workshop tool, from a safety point of view it’s also a must for your next camping, fishing, 4 wheel drive or boating adventure


  • Peak output 1600A, Rated 800A, Jump start all engines up to 10L Diesel
  • 12v Port for powering or charging 12v accessories
  • 2x 5v USB Port for charging mobile phones, tablets & cameras
  • High power LED flashlight with strobe & SOS flash patterns
  • Lithium-Cobalt Battery - Holds charge longer
  • Built in battery management system
  • Low voltage warning/low voltage shut down
  • Reverse polarity indicator and alarm
  • Short circuit and overload protection for jumper & USB
  • Built-in over charge/discharge circuit protection


  • Compact power bank unit
  • Jumper cables
  • USB to various electronic device input connectors
  • 12V 10A DC adapter cable
  • 12v car charger
  • Charger
  • Heavy Duty storage case


  • Capacity: 28000mAh
  • Power: 336Wh
  • Peak Current: 1600A
  • Start Current Rated: 800A
  • Charging: CC/CV 15V1A (input voltage)
  • Max Wall Charging Time: 4 Hours or 12v DC Charge: 8 Hours
  • Max Clamp Opening: 45mm
  • Output Voltage: 5V, 12V & 19V
  • Cycle Life: Approx. 1000 Times
  • Unit Weight: 1.9Kg
  • Kit Weight: 2.92Kg
  • Unit Size: 183 x 119 x 45mm
  • Kit Size: 330 x 275 x 90mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tracy I
The One & Only!

I never review anything. But this is too extraordinary to pass on.

I bought 2 of the 16073 jump starters. Today, my 172 TurboDiesel Kubota M7 tractor wouldn’t start: no cab dash lights, nadda, dead.

I hadn’t even unboxed the jumpers but rather than haul my big roll around AND genny out to the tractor, I said what the hell, let’s see what one’s got.

If only had 50% charge & I was not optimistic. Hooked if up (WAY HEAVY DUTY DESIGN), & hopped up in the cab with zero expectations. The little jumper started it easier than the battery does when fully charged. Afterwards, meter read 49%?!?… LMAO, I think I can live with that!!!…

Once you’re done with the toys from the big box stores, spring for one!: they are THE REAL DEAL!!!

P.S.: Both mine were errantly shipped w/o wall chargers but a 2 minute call and they are on the way!! BTW, a real human answers the phone.

Buy it. Net/net, you won’t regret it!! 👍😎🤗

James F

I ran this little guy through some checks. Very powerful unit and does s wash at is advertised.

Michael Mash
Best Jump Pack. Must have for shop owners

I own a custom fab/engine conversion Shop and I have tried about every jump pack on the market and was worried that I bought another jump pack the would not stand up to the hype. When I received the jump pack I opened up the box and put it on charge. My first impression was that it was pretty small compared to my Noco GBX 155.(which is junk in my opinion) its much smaller and was worried that it was another jump pack that was junk. I have had it for about one week and went to start my Kodiak 6500 and the batteries were totally dead. So I hooked up the jump pack and prayed that it would start. Turned the key on and waited for the glow plugs to cycle, and my air suspension compressor turned on. In my mind I thought there is no was that thing is going to start. So I turned the key and it started with no issue at all. I am very impressed with the SPC jump pack and will defiantly promote there product. The only issue I have is the case needs some work as mine was cracked when I received it.

Allen Breeden
Great device

I bought mine a few weeks ago. Was able to use it today and it served me well! I recommend this particular jump box to all who has a need to jump all their equipment. Hats off to S/P tools. I will spread the good news to all of my friends.

Ryan Abbott
Not a great first impression

Everything looked good out of the box but it won’t charge unless I wiggle the plug a certain way.

Hi Ryan, we are sorry to hear that. We would be more than happy to replace the unit at no cost to you. You can email me at john@ceasusa.com and I can take care of that for you.