Wrenches & Multigrips

When you’re faced with a tricky, hard-to-reach, or worn fastener, you want more than a standard ROE wrench. Our patented Quad Drive open-end wrench offers 4 times the gripping power by wrapping around the fastener and maximizing the contact on the flat sides of the fastener head — not the points. The ring end features a dual flat drive ring, making them perfect for increasing the contact area with the nut or bolt head. Some tools you don’t need often, but when you do they're worth every penny. Low-profile reversible switch speed drive wrench sets are one of those tools. The speed drive’s open-end slides into hard-to-reach spaces that a typical ratcheting wrench can’t. You’ll save time and frustration from having to remove the wrench from the fastener after each rotation. Built with chrome vanadium steel, our speed drive wrench sets are manufactured to exceed the international ANSI & DIN standards. Check out our wrenches & multi grips.