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X50 2.0 Worlds First PD Power Bank Brightest Flashlight--Illuminates the world 45,000-lumen turbo is an intense amount of power and easy to carry for long search and rescue. 60W Quick Charge USB-C Recharging offers a full battery in just one hour. 7 brightness modes plus strobe gives user options and self-defense. Temperature overheats protection and detachable handle for increased protection. The perfect first choice for outdoorsmen, cave explorers, campers, and farm owners.
  • The X50 2.0 worlds first PD power bank brightest flashlight powered by 3 x 21700 battery pack.
  • Utilizes 8 pieces of US imported CREE LEDs, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and a maximum output of up to 45,000 lumens.
  • Supports PD60W Quick Charge USB-C recharging and offers a full battery in less than one hour
  • The beam angle is up to 120°, a wide range of seeing
  • The Built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output, and keep using it comfortably.
  • Fast USB Type-C charging with discharging function as a power bank available
  • Impact and Water Resistant
  • 45,000 lumens output by the customized rechargeable battery pack
  • Ultra-Low: 400 lumens; 11hours; 340 FT, 2652cd;
  • Low: 1,200lms~400lms, 6hours 5minutes+32minutes, 500 FT, 5625cd;
  • Med1: 2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 4hours+5minutes+32minutes, 650 FT, 9506cd;
  • Med2: 3,800lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 2hours 8minutes+5minutes+4minutes+32minutes, 830 FT, 15,750cd;
  • Med3: 7,500lms~5,600lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms,
  • 13minutes+57minutes+10minutes+5minutes+32minutes, 1100 FT, 27,556cd;
  • High: 15,000lms~5,600lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 2minutes+1hour 7minutes+10minutes+4minutes+32minutes, 1600 FT, 57,360cd;
  • Turbo: 45,000lms~5,600lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 30seconds+1hour 6minutes+11minutes+4minutes+32minutes, 2875 FT,189,660cd;
  • Strobe: 7,500lms, 1 hour, 1100 FT, 27,556cd;
  • Size: 5.5"(Length) x 2.95" (Tube Diameter) x 2" (Head Diameter)
  • Weight: 756g/26.6 oz (Including battery pack)
  • Rating in accordance with IP68, Impact resistant to 6.6

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